Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weighing In On Raul Ibanez

So there's been quite a bit of controversy lately about a blog post that was written featuring both the name Raul Ibanez (Left fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies) and the word steroids (If you'd like a thorough review of the issue, you can find one here). Being the most notable blogger in the history of the internet, I feel compelled to put my two cents in on this less-timely-than-it-was-last-week topic. So, just to help clear the issue up, I have heard from my sources that Raul Ibanez has never bought steroids, as he prefers to manufacture his own.


UncleRick said...

Where is the love in my favorite blogs? Hating on Raul Ibanez, hating on Phil Mickelson-personally, I think Ben is just upset over his team's performance in the "Spring Fling" wiffle ball tournament and is taking it out on the second best golfer in the world. And why is it I can no longer post on Ben's blog but first must create some sort of "profile"? Is this what they mean by "profiling"? Now I can understand what has so many people upset, end profiling now! I want to comment on blogs!

HOLLA(R) said...

The Raul Ibanez thing has got us thinking that for these blogs to succeed, we need to become more like the mainstream media, by which I mean writing from preconceived agendas regardless of what the facts support and not allowing comments.

UncleRick said...

So, you are saying Raul Ibanez is now wearing a baseball hat 2 sizes larger than last year?