Saturday, July 4, 2009

What Really Matters In Tennis

In the Women's Finals at Wimbledon, I am rooting for Venus Williams to prevail over her sister Serena, not for any tennis-related reason, but because Venus does not grunt every time she hits the ball. Or if she does, it cannot be heard over the sonic booms being emitted from Serena's mouth.


your mom said...

My sentiments exactly! Nice to read a tennis post that takes the most important point into account :)

UncleRick said...

I think (uhn!) we should all try (huhn!) to include grunting (uhmph!) in everything (oohm!) we do (uhm!) envision (UHN!) listening (OOOHPH!) the possiblities (Groan!) are positively (UUUUHHHN!) oops! pulled a muscle! (ooomph!)

Cindi Lynn said...

I'm going to be really anti and note that the grunting probably (I have no evidence besides Serena's dominance) helps her to propel the ball faster and harder, thus leading her to WHOMP the competition. I'd also like to see you tell her to her face that you want her to stop grunting...she's terrifying.