Friday, December 4, 2009

Modern Dance Review, Part Deux

I wasn't there. My bad. So instead, let's talk about cars.

You see, the reason for my nonattendance was the sudden inability of my car to do essential car things, such as going uphill, without stalling. As this same thing happened several months ago, the problem seems to lie within the fuel system, leading me to suspect the fuel pump. Which, considering the car has over 245,000 miles on it, might be worth more than the vehicle is. Good times. So an executive decision was made to load the car onto a trailer and take it to an automotive shop, where people with more sophisticated equipment than my socket wrench complete with two sockets (One of which is metric!) could examine it and determine the exact cause of its inability to move, something which was probably related to the glowing 'Check engine' light present on the dash. This plan was carried out, and the car removed from my driveway. So yesterday I heard the verdict: There is nothing wrong with the car. Apparently in an effort to fool the mechanics, the check engine light shut itself off in transit to the shop, and the stalling problem went away as well, even as the car was put through a 300-mile test over various terrains. So now I am going to go pick it back up, with no alterations made to it. This is somewhat less than comforting. Essentially, I feel as if I am living with an alcoholic housemate and have just been told by the Betty Ford clinic to just keep the door to the liquor cabinet closed and he'll be fine. I somehow doubt it, but I'll give it a try. If you see me by the side of the road with my thumb out, please pick me up.


Cindi Lynn said...

I guess that's an ok excuse. However, you only get one pass!

your mom said...

I hope there are a lot of kind, non-serial killer-type drivers in the Winooski/Burlington area! Apparently your car is like your grandfather after he developed Parkinson's. He used to moan around the house and have all sorts of physical ailments - until his doctor's appointment! Then he felt fine and couldn't be bothered to ask the doctor about the things that had been bothering him. Your grandmother will understand your feelings!

your mom said...

I just noticed (because I am clicking on them to try to make you some cash): no little ads about cars, alcohol OR the Betty Ford clinic at the side of this post! What's up with that?