Thursday, June 2, 2011

Overheard In Line At The Market

After the cashier informed a man who looked to be shy of 20 that he hadn't given her enough money to buy the soda he was holding.

"How much more? I can't count so good. Don't need that to get a GED. Don't need no diploma to make babies."


your mom said...

Please tell me you made that up!

lemming said...

One of your old posts must be corrected Mike.

Replace that stupid skunk song with that, or maybe this one:

And this is one is required:

UncleRick said...

Must you test my patience in this manner? The Sox game is on, surely you must have something to say about our rotation? Lester? Buchholz? Beckett? Lackey? Dice-K? Wakefield? Arthur Miller? Scott Weiland? That guy who plays bass for Los Lobos? The kid who sells peanuts in the right field bleachers? Throw us a bone here...
U. Rick