Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh No

Go here. Listen to the audio samples. That is all.

Update - Amazon appears to have pulled the audio samples, probably in response to reports of consumers bleeding from the ears. The album in question is entitled "Christmas in the Heart," and it is an album of traditional Christmas songs performed by Bob Dylan. If I can find samples anywhere, I'll let you know. Because I had to suffer, so everyone else should too.

Update part deux - TwentyFourBit has them all combined into a simply incredible seven and a half minutes. Click here for it, then hate me in the comments.


your mom said...

I went. I laughed. But I didn't listen because I couldn't find the audio samples! Bummer.

your mom said...

Oh. Wow. It's like when you pass a really bad accident and you don't want to look but you can't turn away! By the time he got to the "ho, ho, ho! cheeks that glow" one, I couldn't tell if the tears on my cheeks were from pain or laughter.