Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big Blog Changes

As some of you may have noticed (Especially if you have your contact lenses in), I have decided to place advertisements on this blog. And I do this for one, and only one reason: To get so rich that I shall have a motorized sidewalk in my living room. This is doomed to fail. But after examining the state of things, I discovered something that may prove to be almost as much fun. And that is putting automatic ads on this blog and seeing what in the world they wind up being for. So sit back and enjoy the ride and/or randomness. And if you haven't yet, for God's sake go and put your contacts in.


your mom said...

I am suddenly struck by a desire to buy Chicago baseball tickets!

Cindi Lynn said...

i'm disgusted by your shameless sellout behaviors. and intrigued by the experiment, also I shall click:)

NOT lemming said...

The advertisments have gotten...intresting. MMORPGs, and tatoo removal training...I think it reflects this blogs absoloute the way i'm not Lemming